Everyone loves a "hot list", and we are no exception!
At PromoQuick, we see literally thousands of promotional products (as you can imagine!).
What requirements did we decide on for making this "Hot List"? While we naturally stand behind all of our products — and back that statement up with our 4-Star Guarantee! — quality and good value alone could not be enough. In order to make this list a product must have that something extra-special that separates itself from the rest. This can be reflected in excellent innovation within an existing product category, or a product that cleverly rides the crest of current trends, or simply what we feel is "best in class". With that in mind, following are promotional products that are very hot!

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What: LogoBeener™ Carabiner
Why: Innovation, Popularity, Economy, Free Multiple Laser Engravings
Carabiners are always in high demand — they are colorful, functional, highly visible and appeal to a broad demographic. But what makes this one different and qualifies it for our Hot List? Simple — it's designed for marketing use.

Available in two sizes (large 3.25" and mid-size 2.75" shown) the LogoBeener's enhanced laser engraved imprint area allows you to boldly display your logo and/or muti-line message — trust us, you won't need a magnifying glass to see it! And that's not all: every LogoBeener comes with both sides laser engraved at no extra charge. We think that's really hot... after all, your image is everthing, and this hot carabiner has that covered and then some.

LogoBeener Pricing
Qty. 500 1000 2000 5000 10000
170 Mid Size LogoBeener 1.09 1.04 1.00 .98 .97
180 Large Size LogoBeener 1.29 1.22 1.20 1.17 1.16
* Prices in U.S. Currency

What: Digital Photo Display
Why: Maximum Personal Connection, Exceptionally Attention Getting
This is a super cool, or should be be saying hot, item. Recipients flat out love it — and by making a strong personal connection you can be sure it and your imprint will see the light of day for a long, long time. Features include a brilliant 1.4" LCD which displays up to 24 images in either still or slideshow mode. Recipients will load favorite images easily with it's included software. The design is attractive on any desk — a sleek black and silver design. The 2nd LCD displays temperature and time. There is even an alarm/hour chime. No need to worry about batteries as it can run continuously on USB power, or 2 AAA batteries if you wish. Bottom line? Everyone who sees this wants one of their own, and it doesn't get much hotter than that.

Qty. 1000 2500 5000
DPD24 .65 .58 .56
* Prices in U.S. Currency

What: Rectangular Oversize Chronograph
Why: Fabulous Rectangular Oversize Chronograph
What are the defining features of todays' hottest watches? First, they are square / rectangualr in shape. Two, oversize is a must! And three, a chronograph is needed to complete the package. This Kuban cronograph gives you all these great features and of course the ability to customize it with your logo. Featuring either a double bullet padded & stitched leather strap or stainless bracelet, with a brushed or polished case, a curved mineral crystal, and a naturally very accurate Japanese quartz chronograph movement — this is a seriously hot watch that you can be sure will not see much time in a drawer.

Kuban Chronograph
Qty. 12 25 50 100 250
M108C-1 Leather 69.95 65.25 63.50 61.75 57.95
M108C-2 Stainless 74.95 69.95 67.95 65.25 61.25
* Prices in U.S. Currency

What: American Apparel™ Clothing
Why: Organic Materials, Great Fit, Fine Imprints, 36 Colors in T's Alone
Even if you haven't heard of American Apparel, you have probably seen their products. As a fast-growing downtown LA clothing manufacturer, their items are the preferred choice of celebrities, musicians, talented graphic designers, marketers and anyone else who appreciates the fact that their high quality fabrics with tight weaves also happen to result in clearly fantastic imprints. Also appreciated is their range of colors — for instance their T's, shown above, come in 36 colors. With their priority in quality and fit, it's easy to see why there are quite hot. Also, American Apparel's Sustainable Edition offers their popular styles in certified organic cotton. You can check out all their clothing at americanapparel.net.

American Apparel Mens T
Please Inquire For Pricing on All American Apparel Clothing
* Prices in U.S. Currency

What: Custom Cast Zinc Alloy Keychains
Why: Uniqueness, Perveived Value, Economy
Everyone has a keychain — well ok, maybe not everyone, but certainly everyone who can qualify as a prospect does! Primarily due to that fact, thousands are available. What makes these keychains officially "Hot"?

We think this entirely custom made and shaped product (from your design or one we are happy to make for you), with both sides displaying custom information of your choice, being cast from solid metal and yet available at a price point starting under a buck, all within in a hugely popular category makes them a clear pick for our list!

Custom Cast Keychain Pricing
Qty. 500 1000 2500 5000
PK600SR 1.40 1.33 1.12 .98
* Prices in U.S. Currency

What: Technology Enabled SCOTTVEST (SeV)® Tactical 4.0 Jacket
Why: Innovation, Technology Enabling Clothing®
HOT — How else can you describe a jacket that has its own network for your iPod, cell phone or other electronic must-have device? Besides that, these jackets — which are instantly popular with young technology savvy demographics — feature Magnet Closures used instead of snaps/Velcro® for those who forget to zip up... interior CreditCarry and MyMemory pockets to keep credit and memory cards safe... an extendable and removable key tether so keys never have to be detached... and a clever AllAccess system which provides full reach to the back of the SCOTTEVEST (SeV)® without having to remove the garment. This jacket is a smart as it is hot.

SCOTTVEST Tactical 4.0 Jacket
Qty. 1 25 99 151 251 301
FA28 229.99 218.50 206.99 195.49 183.99 172.49
* Prices in U.S. Currency

What: Super Sport Plastic Promotional Pen
Why: Appeal, Appeal, Appeal and Economy
Considering the fact that promotional pens comprise a huge segment of promotonal products overall, we just had to put our all-time favorite plastic pen in this list. But trust us — this is not only OUR favorite plastic pen, nor is it only many of our customers favorite pen... we actually have people who have purchased elsewhere, who don't know us, tell us how much they love this pen!

Usually it goes something like this: we see this pen on someone's desk or in their office, we comment that we recognize that pen and we sell many of them ourselves, and then we listen as we are told how great the pen is, how it looks great in the other colors (we generally get shown that too after the individual goes to another desk to get one) and so on. We simply smile and say yes, yes, yes, we know. The reasons? The fit and finish is exceptional, the suble shape is nicer than photos can convey, they write great, they work great and have a big imprint area. Hot pens, without a doubt.

Super Sport Pricing
Qty. 500 1000 2500 5000 7500 10000
PKPB3232 .69 .67 .65 .63 .61 .59
* Prices in U.S. Currency

What: Rock Riffle Hand-Fired Stoneware Mugs
Why: Uniqueness, A Work of Art Each Signed by the Artist
Want to let your customers, members, clients and event participants know you think they are very special? These truly one-of-a-kind mugs which are each individually hand-made on a potters wheel and are, in fact, individually signed by award winning master potter Susan Abromovitz, will get your message across in a most tasteful way. Holding approximately 12 ounces and available in six different glazes, these mugs have your company logo, or special event, imprinted in actual stoneware which is then permanently affixed to the stoneware mug itself. We have never seen anything that says "personal touch" in quite the exceptional way these unique mugs do.

Rock Riffle Mug Pricing
Qty. 25 50 100 250
PQRRP 19.50 18.25 17.35 15.25
* Prices in U.S. Currency

What: Ultra-Mini 1.3 Megapixel Digital Camera + Interchangeable Faceplates
Why: Ultra-Hip, Great Performance
This fabulous little digital camera gets a LOT of attention. It features a 1.3 Megapixel Image sensor in it's ultra thin and compact form — it's so compact it even comes with a keychain clip, and an iClick neck lanyard. And the six colorful interchangeable faceplates make a great fashion statement. Resolution is perfect for emailing and printing pictures, and also comes with a
USB Cable, 1 AAA Battery, photo management and editing software CD and printed instruction manual.

Ultra-Mini 1.3 Megapixel Digital Camera Pricing
Qty. 48 144 500
Ultra-Mini 1.3 DC 72.75 63.45 58.25
* Prices in U.S. Currency

What: Self Charging LED Flashlight
Why: Innovation
Ever really need a flashlight, but alas, the batteries are dead? These flashlights, which are powered by simply winding the handle for 30 seconds, are one of the hottest new products in the promotional industry. A great combination of today's technology, they feature powerful, yet energy efficient LED's — this certifiably hot item is perfect for safety awareness campaigns or any promotion where you want to illuminate your brand or message!

Self Charging LED Flashlight Pricing
Qty. 50 100 250 500 1000
FA28 14.99 14.49 13.99 13.49 12.99
* Prices in U.S. Currency

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