Fast, free touch-ups and art creation from existing files
Whether you need a text-only imprint... a more detailed logo/graphic created... or just a touch up: we will assemble final art for your project and email you an eProof for your approval, free of charge. After placing your order, simply email a jpg, gif, or Word doc. or what electronic file you have to your PromoQuick representative.
We will also save your approved art on our servers for any imprinted promotional items orders you place in the future.

Looking for full creative services?
With ever increasing workloads, more business people are discovering they have less time and resources to create artwork and designs for tightly branded, effective promotional products.

Art and Presentation
Responding to these challenges, our Creative Services department — led by our award-winning Creative Director — is at your service as your full creative partner in providing design for the kind of polished promotional pieces you can be proud of. 

From fully developing art to be imprinted on your products... to designing totally unique products themselves... through recommending production options... to wrapping it all up in attractive package design: as your creative resource, we are here to provide more “creative” for less investment, and to free up your valuable time.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can assist in creating your promotional masterpeice.

Have art ready to send? Here's a quick checklist:

A digital .eps file (vector based file) is required.
  • Adobe Illustrator (Mac or PC), any version: Create outlines for all images & fonts, save in .EPS format.
  • Corel Draw (Mac or PC): Create curves for all images and fonts. Save in Adobe Illustrator format.
  • Macromedia Freehand (Mac only): Save as Adobe Illustrator file.

PDF's may be submitted if the art was created in vector format, and the fonts were converted to curves before saving to PDF format.

Important Note: For all other software, save files as an encapsulated postscript (.eps) file with type converted to curves, paths or outlines (vector art). Such files are generally acceptable as long as the file has been exported as an .eps file and not merely renamed as such. However, departure from the above acceptable applications may result in delays to production schedule.

Office programs (i.e. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, etc.) are not graphics programs and are not acceptable final file formats. The PromoQuick art department can generally alter these formats to meet art requirements (above).

Where to email your file:
Art files can be emailed to:

  • Please compress the file using either Stuffit or Winzip before emailing.

Halftone artwork is difficult to engrave, because of the various factors that must be considered. Halftones (photographic appearing images) are not accepted for laser engravings and most sceen imprints. Please inquire regarding your individual project; often we can convert halftones to lineart at no charge.

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